Open Studio "Birthday"



展示名は”The Birth”。イベント名に因んだのと、アトリエで新しく産まれた作品という意味と、出産という意味を込めています。





(アトリエビルのHP→ http://install-bldg.weebly.com/ )

I joined Open Studio during 12-14.Oct. The name of the event was "BirthDay" which meant celebrating the birthday of the studio building born in this spring.
It was the first time for me to rent my own studio and to have Open Studio with other members in there.

I was very happy that many guests including my friends, family, artists, gallerist visited the event. I appreciate it.

I showed my works in the room where I normally work and they are all painted in the room.
The name of exhibition of my room was "The Birth" related to the name of Open Studio "BirthDay", and my works that were "born" in my room. Also there is the meaning of "Giving birth" that I often take in my expression.

I have totally forgotten about the sense of making something with mates because I hadn't done it since I graduated uni. I was uncomfortable with it, but in the end I enjoyed a lot through Open Studio to know other members and their works.

At the beginning, I was not positive to show my immature works that I hadn't showed anyone. But  I received many comments from my guests and now I'm feeling I can paint something new from now on based on the works in the event. (I think I'll write about my works later...)

Whenever I finish exhibitions, I feel like taking a break. I try to do the same thing before them, but it never goes well. I'll take it the chance to develop my works and go to the next stage, so I'm facing myself and think what to do for it.

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