Trip to Seoul


I traveled Seoul ! It had been 3 years since I visited there last time.
I heared that it's very cold in Seoul in November, but the weather was nice while I was there and I felt so warm in daytime.
There were 2 aims for my travel. The first one was to meet my friend in Seoul who I met at University in London and The second one was visiting a lot of museums and galleries.
I was so happy to be with my friend everyday. We went out for dinner and drinks every nights. I even got new friends there :D
There were too many art places I wanted to go and I couldn't make it in only 4 days though, I found some awesome shows in Seoul.

■ARARIO GALLERY http://www.arariogallery.com/

Folkert de Jong"the Bull's Eye"
25 October - 09 December 2012

Folkert de Jong

三清洞のギャラリーARARIO GALLERYではオランダのアーティストFolkert de Jongの個展を開催していました。かっこよかったです。。かなり尖った印象を受けました。素材にポリウレタンなど変わった素材を使用しているようでした。立体作品なのですが、塗料を効果的に使用していてペインティングの要素も感じました。

A Dutch artist Folkert de Jong's solo show has been held at ARARIO GALLERY in Samchongdong. It was just awesome...! The show was very edgy. He uses  polyurethane for his works. I felt an element of painting works because of the attracting vivid coloured pigments.


I found this space when I was walking around Samchongdong. It seems like an old house. Many works were installed in each small rooms in the house. I love this artist! His works have got strong impact!

Kang Sang-hoon
31 October - 13 November 2012 


I thought that the artworks and the space went very well. I love these works having spookiness ans humor. Especially the humanized animals in his works are impressive for me. Not only his works, I saw many art works motifed humanized animals at other galleries. 

■Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art  http://leeum.samsungfoundation.org/


Leeum is a museum run by Samsung. I went to see Anish Kapoor's solo show that I'd longed to see.

Anish Kapoor
25 October 2012 - 27 January 2013


It was like a flood of massive texture and colours...


There is Tatsuo Miyazima's art work in the entrance of Leeum.


Among museums, I went to only Leeum. But I could visit a lot of galleries and one alternative space. This is an alternative space called Loop in Hongik University area.
In this space, I saw a group show and there are some Japanese artists in there.

alternative space Loop


In Samchongdong area, they are making a new museum.
I look forward to see more art in Seoul. I hope to visit there again in near future.

New museum in Seoul reinvents communication with audience                      (http://www.korea.net/NewsFocus/Culture/view?articleId=89103)

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