Launch Pad Gallery's new start!



Launch Pad Cafe & Gallery that used to be in Motomachi, Yokohama for 8 years has reopened as an artist-run gallery space in Ishikawa-cho, Yokohama.
I went to the opening party. There were many guests and I felt Launch Pad is loved a lot! I'm glad to participate in the show.


The opening group show will go till 28th, May.
There are 2 works of mine, both of them are series of "Utsuwa (bowls)". I chose them because I would like the venue to be the "Utsuwa (Place)" for artists and art fans .


Please check their new Homepage (full of contents!): http://www.launchpad-gallery.com/
It is a very comfortable gallery. Please drop by!



Donuts !!


The shape of donuts is not perfect circle. It is imperfect because they are handmade or maybe because of the way of frying, but so that's why they look tasty, don't you think? They become more imperfect when they are eaten. This doesn't mean they disappear. They fill someone's stomach.
 Donuts do not have any particular way, no up or down, no right or left. It's alright to eat from any parts. 

Gatsu Gatsu -series of donuts-

What You Eat -series of donuts-

Favorite -series of donuts-

Lady Bug -series of donuts-

The Only One Donut In The World -series of donuts-


Launch Pad Gallery opening group show


Launch Pad cafe & gallery will be reopen as Launch Pad Gallery in Ishikawa cho, Yokohama soon! I will join the opening group show. There will be the opening party weekend during 16-18.May. (The show will continue till 28.May) Please check the party info here :https://www.facebook.com/events/708244982547529/?ref=22