"In My Garden" at Taipei in March

3月に台北での初めて個展"In My Garden"を開催します。去年の春初めて台湾へ行き、友人の作家さんに紹介して頂いた永康街にあるギャラリーカフェ・小南風での展示です。素敵なオーナーさんと温かい雰囲気、コーヒーも美味しいところです。新作をいっぱい持っていき、賑やかな展示にしたいなと思っています!追って詳細をお知らせします。

I'm excited at my first solo exhibition in Taipei coming March! There will be a lot of flower, animal and bird paintings, like a garden.The venue is minami zephyr, a gallery cafe in Taipei city, with tasty coffee, art, handmade crafts, etc. I visited there last spring, then one of my artist friend introduced me tothe owner. If you are around or plan to go to Taipei area for spring trip, please drop by. More details will come soon.

"In My Garden"

Akiko Kobayakawa
Solo Exhibition

小南風 minami zephyr, Taipei

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